Dr. lucas hilt


"I do this to help people write their comeback story."


Dr. Hilt grew up in Wheaton, IL, and Peachtree City, GA, developing a passion for chiropractic care. He attributes his mom for teaching him at a very young age the importance of being regularly adjusted and the benefits it has on the body’s health. Dr. Hilt recognized the major role being adjusted had on his preparation, recovery, and injury prevention, allowing him to become a state champion wrestler and accomplished football player at both high school and college levels. He ultimately graduated from Life University in Georgia with his doctorate in Chiropractic in 2007, and achieved his MS in Sport Health Science in 2008.


Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic and Sports Scientist

In 2007, Dr. Hilt became the first clinician of the Life University Sport Science Institute (LUSSI).  With a background in Strength & Conditioning, Dr. Hilt’s treatments fuse chiropractic with strength & conditioning to develop a unique treatment plan generally focusing on areas to address chronic pain patterns, spine-based exercises, squat development, and proper sprint biomechanics. He also uses the techniques of Performance For Life (PFL), a revolutionary evidence-based program which integrates chiropractic, manual therapy (similar to massage), and functional conditioning to produce long-lasting results for patients in the most efficient manner possible. These techniques help restore pain-free movement and stability in the spine, joints, and muscles. It was this approach which led him to develop an interest in working with rotation athletes such as baseball players, golfers, and tennis players.

"Yes, I’m known as a 'Sports Chiropractor,' but I’ve kinda become the guy that sees the outliers...people who are super broken down, chronic illnesses, intense cases to higher end athletes."

High Profile Clients

Dr. Hilt’s highest professional achievement are working with current athletes in the PGA, MLB,
NFL, and Olympics. He has also treated professionals such as the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball
Tour, National-Qualified Strongmen Competitors, and US Olympians. Dr. Hilt was also on the
medical staff of the Life University Basketball team, Kennesaw State University (KSU) Football
team, KSU Women’s Soccer team, KSU Track and Field team, and KSU Women’s Lacrosse
team. In addition, he consults regularly with the Strength & Conditioning coach at Georgia Tech
for many of their athletes and has developed a pre- and post-surgical ACL program. Dr. Hilt has
a passion for helping treat children of all ages and has experience working with those on the
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well. Dr. Hilt actively consults with some of the leading
people in Strength & Conditioning as he is committed to bringing his high level of care and
commitment to all his patients.