ABOUT sparc

SPARC provides individuals who are looking for holistic methods to answer their health & performance challenges.

SPARC was born from an idea/realization that people are looking for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare.  With an interest in sports & human performance, I realized that “challenging cases” were very similar to the same type of care that professional athletes were looking for.  And, that the stepwise approach and/or details of their care plans were not that different.

Most rehabilitation programs, appropriately, only focus on one area of dysfunction.  However, these types of programs fall short when returning an individual back to their activities of daily life and/or higher performance demands.  The SPARC approach utilizes chiropractic + sports science + nutrition to produce clinical programs that focus on the entire body to help the patient reach their stated goals.  This System Restoration focus integrates the documented rehabilitation protocols & movement science research with strength & conditioning strategies to uncover the underlying dysfunction and create a comprehensive, stepwise program to stabilize the area of chief complaint and produce foundation for optimum performance.


The primary focus is to create a body/system that’s able to appropriately accommodate and handle the stresses that are placed on it.


How I Can Help You


Assessment of the neuromuscular system and appropriate adjustment and ability to answer questions about prescribed exercises.  Rapid Release Therapy may be applied to tight muscles, trigger points, and/or fascial adhesions. More in-depth needs are charged as a Sports Therapy visit.


This is anything outside of a regular chiropractic adjustment/

appointment; spanning the application of such modalities as soft tissue therapy, Rock Tape, and/or exercise-based activities. Sports Therapy appointments are most utilized during the System Restoration phase of care.

FUNCTIONAL nutrition

Nutrition-basedcare that is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body. When you have multiple symptoms they are clues to the ways in which your body is not functioning the way it should be.



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